Whovians Who Cosplay!

What's better than watching Doctor Who? BEING Doctor Who!


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this doctor cosplayer kjhgfcghj

he kept asking me what pose i wanted him to do and i hid my face and was like i dONT KNOW because he was so cute oh my god

so he just imitated my pose and thus this photo happened

On a scale of 1-10, I’m an 11.

Yeah, I officially love this kid. 


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War Doctor + The Moment

Cosplay page: All Back to Front

Sarah Jane, Romana, and Four! 

The banana brought itself. The party ensued. 

A Delta of Melody Malones. :) 


a few friends and I did a group cosplay for halloween

dusty-glasses-clear-mind - dalek (me)

sandwich-revenge - fem!11

the-secret-life-of-an-insomniac - TARDIS

Me and 11 made our costumes. Lots of fun!


Supanova day 2! I had lots of fun being Amy Pond from Angels Take Manhattan- her last doctor who ep! These are a few snaps I took today. If you took some with me, let me know!!!


"Fezzes, are very cool.."

Madame Vastra, Ada Gillyflower, and Jenny Flint from The Crimson Horror.

Photograph taken by the amazing Topanga Marie Photography! (And used with permission)

Madame Vastra by Krystalin Creations.

Ada Gillyflower by FacetiousFiend

Jenny Flint by WriteBetwixt.