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What's better than watching Doctor Who? BEING Doctor Who!


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Our Gilbert & Sullivan society recently performed a version of Patience where aesthetic poetry was replaced with scifi fandoms. (Bunthorne was a Trekkie and Grosvenor was a Whovian.) In this clip, Grosvenor (Eleven) tries to escape from his newly-acquired fanbase… by distracting them with a song and dance!


Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2014 - Fifth Doctor, Dalek And Tardis Cosplay (Doctor Who) Hahaha :D


What sort of time do you call this? 

redscarfmina, deadlightsgirl, and profmelodypond coverge in Central Park. 


Here’s the Doctor Who group I went with to DCC14! There’s myself as Fem!Ten, and a couple of very good friends as Rose, Jethro Cane, and very scary Weeping Angel. 

I’ll be posting some pictures from the actual con later! 

No flipping way!


Starting to miss this





this doctor cosplayer kjhgfcghj

he kept asking me what pose i wanted him to do and i hid my face and was like i dONT KNOW because he was so cute oh my god

so he just imitated my pose and thus this photo happened

On a scale of 1-10, I’m an 11.

Yeah, I officially love this kid. 


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War Doctor + The Moment

Cosplay page: All Back to Front

Sarah Jane, Romana, and Four! 

The banana brought itself. The party ensued. 

A Delta of Melody Malones. :)